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The modern city of Lviv has 800 thousand inhabitants and covers an area of ??155 sq.km. The first written mention of the city dates back to 1256 , it is this year is considered the founding date of the city. Lions - an ancient and very beautiful city that attracts thousands of tourists. Often, rooms in hotels just do not find, especially at the height of the summer season. And would not you want to overpay for a regular room Lviv with a minimum of furniture and equipment , when you can rent an apartment Lviv for a much less money ? You decide how many days you want to stay in this marvelous city of Lviv , what time to go home and invite a guest to her . Daily rent apartments in Lviv , thanks to our website "Vgosty", gives you this opportunity. Agree that apartment rent in Lviv is much easier and more practical than staying in a hotel.

Also, we have apartments in cities such as Donetsk, Kharkov, Kiev, from the simplest to the VIP level. Full list of all the cities you can find on our home page "Apartments for daily rent from owners - Vgosty", or, to use our heading "Handbook", with an intuitive navigation, search apartments for rent in all cities of Ukraine

1500 UAH./day

Shpytal'na 7
Rooms - 3

Trehkomnatnaya apartment vozle Opera

Trehkomnatnaya apartment raspolozhennaya just 150 meters from the Opera House, is the prekrasnыm variant of accommodation for people tsenyaschyh comfort and spokoystvye. Gilles nahodytsya on the third floor chetыrehэtazhnoho home, Net zakrыvaetsya entrance to kodovыy castle. Home in neposredstvennoy blyzosty for big shopping center & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; laquo; Magnus & amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; raquo ;. In this district sosredotochenы dostoprymechatelnosty, restaurants and cafes. Internal...
Adverts code 03-08879

1700 UAH./day

Buchmy 15
Rooms - 4

Blahoustroenыy mansion for eight man rent

New dvuhэtazhnыy mansion, cottage, located in the near center. On the territory ymeetsya ohranyaemaya parking place for recreation, besedka grill. Safety harantyrovana. Эlektrovorota. Horyachaya and cold water clock. Advanced souls (in house 2 shower) and toilet. Much terrace-balcony with prekrasnыm views. Road to the center (of the area to the market for zaymet 10 minutes hodbы Peszko). Nearby nahodyatsya shop, bar, club nochnoy. Across the street cafe with home pyschey under the order....
Adverts code 03-08212

500 UAH./day

Konovalca 28
Rooms - 1

Elegant apartment with renovated

One bedroom apartment with renovated 45 square meters. City street. Konovalca, luxury and quiet area. Parking in front of house intercom. Window glazing, large veranda courtyard house. New Italian furniture. Modern bathroom, washing machine, kitchen European standard-new stove, refrigerator, aquafiltering, microwave. There is a large double bed and single bed. Plasma TV, WiFi. Hair dryer, iron bed. towels.
Adverts code 03-08102

900 UAH./day

Lychakivska 5
Rooms - 4

Otlychnaya apartment 4 komnatnaya in Lviv

Otlychnaya apartment 4 komnatnaya in the city center. Razvytaya ynfrastruktura areas (stores, ostanovka transport, restaurants, cafes). Komnatы yzolyrovannыe.Ploschad 120 sqm, Fresh dobrotnыy repair, balcony, double doors, Standalone Heating, polы the kitchen with podohrevom. Modern Home Appliances (Fridge, Washing machine, gas cooker, oven эlektrycheskaya, эlekrycheskyy kettle, toaster, DVD, iron, hair dryer). Two TVs, bolshayadvuspalnaya bed with mattress ortopedycheskym two raskladnыh...
Adverts code 03-08821

950 UAH./day

Yaponskaya 36
Rooms - 3

Vы Rate prochnost structures and nestareyuschuyu beauty эtoy apartment

Several Uedynennost to pass here of shops by UL. Yaponskoy, 36. Perhaps parking Beside the house. Net entrance, intercom. Ņâåōëāĸ apartment sostoyt IZ hostynoy, two dropped off, kitchen, lavatory and hall. Stolovaya zone prevraschaet Edu in udovolstvye. Nykakoy ostromodnoy furniture in prostornыh uhlovыh ​​bedrooms. WIFI. Kitchen - oroshaemaya Sun platform for zavtraka with velykolepnыm space for the eye. IZ equipping the kitchen there are: refrigerator., Stove, эl.chaynyk, dishes....
Adverts code 03-10287

1800 UAH./day

vul.Hazova 4
Rooms - 3

Prekrasnaya trehkomnatnaya apartment Several meters from the center

Prekrasnaya trehkomnatnaya apartment Several meters from the center. Fresh repair in high tech. Raspolahaetsya on the third floor chetыrehэtazhnoho home. Net entrance. Vblyzy there are a multitude of shops, cafes, restoranov, nochnыh clubs. There Standalone Heating, podohrev weeded. RED yzolyrovannыe udobnыmy bedrooms with beds (ortopedycheskye matrasы) cabinets. In hostynoy Large raskladnoy sofa, plasma. Balcony. Okna t vыhodyat court. Good obustroena kitchen for preparation, there...
Adverts code 03-08997

400 UAH./day

Carpathian, 3
Rooms - 1

Dyzaynerskaya dvuhmestnaya studio apartment on a quiet zelenoy the str

Dyzaynerskaya dvuhmestnaya studio apartment on a quiet zelenoy the street in the center of the city. Apartments of the area 56 sq.m.
Is executed in quite an original style of the individually эklektychnom proэktu. Ustanovlenы armored door, Euro-, podohrev underlayment, Standalone heating. Entrance to house zakrыvaetsya a key. In the courtyard of houses there besedka, also opportunity car parking. Dvuspalnaya bed with the Italian postelnыm Belle always chystыm k pryezdu guests. Hostynnaya s...
Adverts code 03-08433

650 UAH./day

Kovzhun 12
Rooms - 2

Sdayu uyutnuyu two-room apartment in the city of Central parts for 4

Sdayu uyutnuyu two-room apartment in the city of Central parts for 4 people. Apartments in nahodytsya Pesce holdings accessible for Chief dostoprymechatelnostyam city. In odnochase Street Very quiet and spokoynaya. Square apartments 52 meters, the third floor. There Wi-Fi. Bedroom vыderzhana klassycheskom in style for spokoynoho recreation and sleep, there dvuspalnaya bed, tumbы, cabinets, chest of drawers. Made in Hostynaya More Dynamic, sovremennom style. In hostynoy there Myahkyy...
Adverts code 03-09070

800 UAH./day

Slovak 6
Rooms - 4

4 bedroom apartment

Large apartment (130 sq ft) in the central part of the city for seven persons for rent. Near three-stop grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, the benefits of the center. Proper planning, isolated room. Heating. Security doors. Parking circle house. Euro this year, completely new plumbing. In the kitchen has a refrigerator, stove, kettle and microwave. In the bedrooms has a double bed, twin beds, sofas rozladni. There are television, hair dryer and washing machine, iron and all amenities....
Adverts code 03-08239

700 UAH./day

Modest Mentsynsky 6
Rooms - 2

Neprevzoydennaya flat business class in Modern Style

Neprevzoydennaya flat business class in Modern Style sosedstvuet s Opernыm theater with one hand and freedom Prospectus with the other. As well a number prekrasnыy, chystыy central park - prekrasnoe Venue for prohulok s detmy ili friends. There is parking. Second floor (Эtazhnost home - 3). For pryyatnoho mykroklymata in apartment ustanovlenы air conditioners. Bronyrovannaya door. Comfortably razmestyatsya for 3 (2 1). In hostevoy zone of pryyatnыy Myahkyy Light, Large uhlovoy convertible...
Adverts code 03-09063

750 UAH./day

Baturin 12
Rooms - 2

Otmennaya dvuhkomnatnaya apartment in the center of the city of four f

Otmennaya dvuhkomnatnaya apartment in the center of the city of four for guests. Third floor. Created sovremennom Apartment in English style. Samobыtnostyu own way and beckons uyutom. Only Cheho are unykalnыy checkered (raskladnoy) Headsets mebelnыy in hostynoy just top domashneho comfort and rest. Headsets hostynoy in addition there are TVs (Cable), dresser, table kofeynыy. Bedroom poteshyt neobыchno pryyatnыm lighting, udobnoy krovatyu, cabinets and kitchen with mebelyu.Uyutnaya Another...
Adverts code 03-09147

450 UAH./day

Kostomarov 16
Rooms - 1

Comfortable apartment in the center

The apartment is great, comfortable, located in the historic part of town. Located on the third floor in the Austrian suite under? Congress after repairs are intercom.
Independent heating, security door, new plumbing, shower. Tot. area 55 m
You can put 5 people. There are folding double bed, single bed and sofa bed with a good mattress.
Fully equipped kitchen. The whole life. Appliances (fridge, microwave, electric kettle, iron, cooker, stiralka). Clean towels.
Adverts code 03-08097

680 UAH./day

Hartmann's Vіtvera 2
Rooms - 2

Juicy-bedroom apartment in the center of Lviv.

Juicy-bedroom apartment in the center of Lviv. The second floor of the three-storey house of Austria. A neat staircase, code lock. The apartment is connected to cable television, has unlimited Internet Wi-Fі. Installed new plumbing, heating system. The windows overlook the street. It fits up to 4 persons (2 + 2). The bedroom has a double bed with a beautiful curly headboard, night tables, chest of drawers for clothes. The cozy living room equipped with a comfortable sofa bed, table, shelves,...
Adverts code 03-09027

1500 UAH./day

It is still 3

Trehэtazhnыy town house not far from the city center

Home ploschadyu 194 square meters. m. nahodytsya at UL. 3. After Perekopskaya Bolshoi Prospect Street nahodytsya Chernovola, with restaurant McDonalds, supermarket Arsen, ostanovka Transportation, populyarnыm nochnыm club "Entourage." In house set Standalone Heating, Armoured door, steklopaketы water kruhlosutochno. Vozle home akkuratnaya oblahorozhennaya Territory, many greens, barbecue, parking su yard. Home sostoyt IZ six komnat, kitchen, two sanuzlov (one with vannoy and second...
Adverts code 05-09710

800 UAH./day

Make Vovchka 4
Rooms - 3

Shykarnaya trehkomnatnaya apartment in the center of the city of Lviv

Shykarnaya trehkomnatnaya apartment in the center of the city of Lviv near the Opera House and here âñåõ Chief Attraction. Razvytaya Infrastructure poraduet Availability of area of ​​shops, cafes and restaurants. Apartment rozmeschenы in 4 эtazhnom house in Deut floor. Apartments COMMON ploschadyu 85 square meters. meters. Apartments with sovremennыm repair, and mebelyu tehnykoy. In nei s udobstvom mogut razmestytsya eight guests. In two yzolyrovannыh spalnыh be dropped otlychnыe harnyturы...
Adverts code 03-09057

980 UAH./day

Spring 3
Rooms - 3

Otmenno obustroena, very flat prostornaya

Otmenno obustroena, very prostornaya, lakonycheskaya and stylnaya apartment. Ploschad apartments is equal to 137 square meters, umestyt 8 people. The apartment is literally surrounded by revenge TIME forwarded. There is parking. Zakrыvaetsya kodovыy entrance to the castle. In apartment A new repair set Standalone otoplenye, steklopaketы, a new plumber. In apartment Three Rooms. Two bedroom with udobnoy mebelyu, textiles, kachestvennыm decor. Hostynaya with the Bolshoi raskladnыm sofa,...
Adverts code 03-09154

650 UAH./day

Drohobycha 4
Rooms - 2

Prostornaya and Modern

Sympatychnaya and supersovremennaya dvuhkomnatnaya apartment spokoynoy tsentralnoj Street Drogobych 4 Beside Large park there. The Square APARTMENTS & ndash; 71 sq.m. Polish house, second floor. Kodovыy lock. Installed Standalone otoplenye, kachestvennaya Plumbing. Location is to 6 people. Chystыe komplektы bedding Underwear and polotenets. From 2 days. Prepayment PryvatBank ili Western Union. Cost arendы 1-3 man = 650 USD, 4 = 700, 5 = 750 6 = 850 Vozmozhen pozdnyy (early zaezd) in terms...
Adverts code 03-09611

1150 UAH./day

Zhukovsky, 2
Rooms - 5

Shestykomnatnaya apartment ploschadyu 205 sq.m.

Shestykomnatnaya apartment ploschadyu 205 sq.m. ???????, Chistaya, tёplaya, UIUTNAIa, p sovremennыm evroremontom, home furnishings. Maksymalnoe kollychestvo man - 12. In the center of the city 6 minutes in transport, 15 minutes Peszko. In apartment there ?? the necessary. Metal-Plastic window, bronyrovannaya Input dver.Paradnaya Chistaya and zakrыvaetsya on kodovыy lock. Vannaya toilet sovmeschenы, and oblytsovanы tiles, cold and water-horyachaya the clock there boiler. Situated on two...
Adverts code 03-08441

1850 UAH./day

Lazarenko 39
Rooms - 2

Ocna apartments vыhodyat Park

Spokoynыe high-tech Apartments in parkovoy zone. In two dropped off razmestyatsya 4 guest nahodytsya by Gilles for UL. Lazarenko 39. With panoramic views of the balcony otkrыvaetsya samыy Large horodskoy park, green nasazhdenyya always raduyut sposobstvuyut eye and recreation. And the center Total city-Nothing, take 15 Peszko. In addition, there are vozle home neobhodymoe tourist, stores, cafe, bistro, pharmacies and banks.
The cost of lease: 1850 hryvnias per day.
* The apartment Security...
Adverts code 03-10110

1080 UAH./day

Kobylianska 12
Rooms - 3

Roskoshnaya trehkomnatnaya apartment with kachestvennoy naturalnoy meb

Gilles raspolahaetsya 3-em floor Excellent Polish Home, Street. 12. Kobыlyanskoy apartment for six podoydet man, Plosad sostavljaet 156 square meters. m. The apartment Done prekrasnыy repair, podcherknutыy kachestvennыm textiles. The apartments there Standalone Heating, completely Novaya furniture and Home Appliances, TVs Plasma (sputnykovoe TV). In yzolyrovannыh bedrooms dvuspalnыe korolevskoho Size bed with orthopedic. mattresses. There balcony. In hostynoy deystvuyuschyy Camino. Kitchen...
Adverts code 03-09796

1700 UAH./day

Kastelyvka 4
Rooms - 3

Beautiful apartment in Baroque style sovremennoho

Beautiful apartment in Baroque style sovremennoho. Gilles raspolozhylos on the streets of Central Advantages Kastelyvka 4. This is for tourists, kotorыe If they want osmotret all ynteresnosty city, ybo all îíè poblyzosty. As well there are nearby stores, Various restaurants, nochnыe clubs and banks. Apartments sostoyat IZ otdelnыh two bedrooms, hall, kitchen, hall, lavatory. Particular WARNING worth the destiny smeshenyyu ynteresnыh barochnыh prints and sovremennыh technologies Interior...
Adverts code 03-09869

600 UAH./day

Shashkevych 1
Rooms - 2

Apartments for rent, 66 sqm

Classics always relevant - ymenno эtym opinion We creation rukovodstvovalys su Clock Interior эtoy chudesnoy apartments (str. Shashkevych 1). Ploschadyu Apartment 66 sq.m. raspolozhena actually in the center, 2 pass the Opera House, Beside Dvorce Potocki, park, cinema, cafes, restaurants. After repair It would set: Security door, Euro and Standalone otoplenye, intercom. Razmestyatsya in comfort apartment with 6 people. In the bed there udobnaya dvuspalnaya bed with mattress ortopedycheskym...
Adverts code 03-09425

3000 UAH./day

Horskoy 16
Rooms - 2

Luchshye designers sozdaly эtu apartment

Blyzko the center of the city and the park horodskoho, st. Horskoy 16. Before 5 escape Marketplace Square hodbы. Blue bliss with roskoshnoy Royal mebelyu be dropped in two. Hostynaya with soft otlychneyshym Headsets. Spalnaya Large krovatyu dropped off with a soft light. Feel themselves in okeanycheskyh spokoystvyya depths within this apartment. Bezlymytnыy WiFi. Novaya selektornaya Communications Between vhodnoy dveryu and kitchen (cold., Gas. Stove, microwave, dishwasher, эl.chaynyk,...
Adverts code 03-10431

1300 UAH./day

Skelnaya 11
Rooms - 3

IZ apartments for the machine to lift - vыbyrayte comfort!

IZ apartments for the machine to lift & ndash; vыbyrayte comfort! Trehkomnatnaya apartment & laquo; Poppies & raquo; a luxury house. Udobnaya lokatsyya on a quiet street Skelnoy 11. That sq. Marketplace Opera House and 10 pass Peszko. For sosedstvu sympatychnыe restaurants, stores, clubs nochnыe. General Square Gilles sostavljaet 117 sq podoydet apartment for six people.
* In apartment there lodzhyya-balcony;
* Plasma TVs;
* New furniture, beds Qualitative;
* Kitchen:...
Adverts code 03-10044

520 UAH./day

Kotsylovskaho 4
Rooms - 1

Taco second stylnoy apartments available

In our apartments you belosnezhnыh itself Feel Like roskoshnom air spaces in the castle (str. Kotsylovskoho 4). Raspolahaetsya apartment on the 2nd floor of the mansion in Polish prekrasnoy parkovoy Zone, a number of loess and dekoratyvnoe lake, botanical garden, the more not less to the center less than 10 minutes. The Square 48 sq.m. In syhnalyzatsyya house, intercom.
& Bull; Super Bolshaya dvuspalnaya bed with mattress ortopedycheskym;
& Bull; Mini-kitchen with refrigerator,...
Adverts code 03-09458
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