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260 UAH./day

Prospect Mira 12 Wi-Fi
Rooms - 2

Rent two-bedroom Center (Alley of Heroes) WiFi

Daily! 2-room apartment in the center, the Alley of Heroes. Internet (Wi-Fi), refrigerator, 2 TVs, satellite TV, washing machine, iron, hair dryer, DVD, microwave, pillowtop mattress, two double sofa. Air conditioner for guests Chernigov - 5 minutes. walk to the reserve "Chernigov Starodavniy"
When placing more than 2 people. Price 280 UAH.
Owner: Лиля, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07132

600 UAH./day

street. Getman
Rooms - 2

two-bedroom apartments!

Two-bedroom apartments that allow you to choose the best option for Unit Stake, comfort level, near the metro station razpolozhenie. On the qualitative elements interera.V apartment all appliances. Near the apartments are food supermarkets, car wash, all-night drugstore, restaurants, European and Ukrainian cuisine, a pub with live music, coffee, the Kiev zoo, Alexander Dovzhenko film studio name, the park is the CPI.
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Owner: Валера, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07129

250 UAH./day

Rosa Luxemburg, 31
Rooms - 2

Rent 2-bedroom. apartment in the city center near the sea

Rent 2 - bedroom apartment. apartment in the city center in a quiet area near the sea. (St. Rosa Luxemburg, 31) separate rooms. For your comfort: balcony, gor.voda, air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, 2 TV, Cable. TV, washing machine, built - in closet, a place for cars, linens, dishes, iron and others.
4 - 5 beds. (1 bedroom -. 2-bedroom sofa, in the 2 -.. Second bedroom 2 single beds can be pushed, there is a new clamshell model), 4th floor. No elevator.
To the sea, the promenade,...
Owner: Виктория, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07130

800 UAH./day

Street Assumption., 39
Rooms - 3

Apartment with 2 bedrooms in the heart of the city in a new home

The apartment is located in the historic city center in a new luxury home, "Napoleon and Josephine," in 10 minutes. walk from the sea (beach Langeron, dolphin, Shevchenko Park) and 10 min. walk from ul.Deribasovskoy and all the attractions of the city on the 5th floor. Fresh renovation, two separate bedroom with 2 beds and a kitchen-dining room with sofa bed. The apartment is equipped with modern appliances and furniture, 2 air conditioners, dishwashers, Wi-Fi Internet. Individual...
Owner: Елена, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07131
Культура: В парке Горького отметят День города: программа
Праздничные мероприятия по случаю Дня города, Дня Независимости Украины и дня рождения парка пройдут 23-25 августа в Центральном парке культуры и отдыха им. Горького.
Культура: Экс-участница «Холостяка» пришла на кастинг «Мастершеф-9»
Девушка не скрывает, что всегда любила готовить и является поклонницей кулинарного проекта, поэтому с радостью пришла на кастинг нового сезона для аматоров.
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