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1080 UAH./day

French Blvd., 12/4
Rooms - 2

Rent 2 bedroom square French Blvd. (Own) - for rent / romance. time

2/5, Section House, IGOs, repair, flooring, air conditioning, refrigerator, stir.mash, TV (cable), internet, furniture, linens, dishes, balcony 12 sq.m. glazed, near the studio, vacant road to the sea, very quiet and cozy courtyard, a place for cars, access to the code (intercom)
 places - sofa 2 seater sofa + 2 single beds (can be moved)
 Daily - 40 ye / day
 romance - 600 yc / month
Owner: Ирина, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07866

Contract price

Rooms - 2

Rent 2-bedroom apartment with all amenities within 5 minutes from the

2 bedroom vartira 5 minutes from the sea sosvemi amenities
Owner: Татьяна, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-09407

170 UAH./day

Architect Artыnova №10
Rooms - 2

Sdaetsya 2 room apartment in the center of the city

Sdaetsya apartment in the center of the city .Ymeyutsya all udovstva.Ryadom cinema Kotsyubynskoho, Administration horoda.Ptnadtsat Minutes hodbы to the fountain Roshen.
Owner: Анатолий, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-09107

450 UAH./day

Konovalets 8
Rooms - 1

Roskoshnaya apartment near center

Roskoshnaya apartment near center (str. Konovalets 8) for a good otdыha parы ili Company of 3 people. Parking. Balcony. General the Square: 38 sq.m. Standalone otoplenye with podohrevom floor. Good oborudovana all ustroeno for your comfort. Gilles sdaetsya Only for ferent levels specifically in prozhyvanyya obuslovlennoho predvarytelno and oplachennoho (!) Quantity man. Hiring lyubыh Guest (s znakomыh neznakomыh) vozmozhen Only in predvarytelnoy dohovorennosty with the owner. Cost: 2 man -...
Owner: Олена, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-09361

300 UAH./day

Liberty Avenue, 25
Rooms - 1

1 hv.hodby to the Opera House, Market Square

Liberty Avenue, b.25, kv.7, Number of rooms 1, Number of beds 2 (you can even child) .1hv. go to the Opera House. Superior class!
Read more:
- Address: Svobody, 25 (Lion City Center);
- Floor: 03.03;
- Area: 35m2;
- # Of beds 2 (can be a child);
   Comfortable, spacious apartment in the heart, the Austrian budivlya.Novenka only after yevroremontu.Z cuisine and cozy rooms out on the street, views of buildings and the ancient city of Lviv Opera House!
   The apartment in 1 min. walk to the...
Owner: Юлія, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-09632

250 UAH./day

Kharitonov 6
Rooms - 1

Studio apartment central region

Studio apartment fitted kitchen ma cond. WI-FI central area nice apartment clean underwear
Owner: дмитрий, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-08335

150 UAH./day

Kirov 56
Rooms - 3

For kamfortnogo stay sputnikavoe TV, wifi!

All the conditions for a comfortable stay, there are sports trinazhory (barbells and dumbbells), we really like you! The price will agree
Owner: Игорь, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-10386

200 UAH./day

Prospect of the 50th anniversary of the Komsomol, 98
Rooms - 2

Rent one his 2k.kv. m.Barabashova 10 min., renovation, 200 USD.

Flat to rent your own apartment, 200 USD. m.Barabashova 10 minutes. latest renovation, furniture, TV, refrigerator-to, washing machine - all to stay, clean bedding, towels, dishes, checks, there are separate beds. 755-62-51,.
Owner: Oksana, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-08366

810 UAH./day

Rooms - 1

Rent 1K APARTMENT FOR SHORT 10min from Cape Forest

1 BR. For sale, excellent comp., windows steklop.; sanuz. department.; in apartment furniture, all life. Technical.; code. Castle, next to Superman., stop, have a refrigerator, TV, microwave oven, washed. car, a house. tel., dvd
Owner: Антонина, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07739

300 UAH./day

Rooms - 2

Flat for rent VIP apartment in luxury home town. Truskavec!

Flat for rent VIP apartment near the market, pump room, TC "Center" and "Europe" in a good well-kept house on the third floor. The apartment has all the amenities. Present parking. WI-FI. Round the clock heating, water, floor heating. During the holidays the price agreements
Owner: Галина, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-09687

250 UAH./day

Rooms - 2

Посуточна квартиры в Виннице

Двух комнатная квартира с хорошим ремонтом и новой мебелью.
Комнаты раздельные.
Зал -двух спальный диван, два кресла ,телевизор.
Спальня двухспальная.
Есть все электроприборы
Рядом возле дома находятся стоянки ,два супермаркета,кинотеатр ,
Если надо выдаем документы для командировочных.
Owner: Владимир, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-08790

400 UAH./day

Str. Andryushchenko 4 B
Rooms - 1

Rent daily, and hourly excellent apartment 10 minutes metro KPI.

Rent daily, and hourly excellent apartment 10 minutes metro KPI. The apartment has all appliances, modern repair, clean bedding and towels. Near Okhmatdet 2 minutes Tsyrk ,, department store Ukraine, the Ministry of Transport, supermarket, street Zoological, Polytechnique, Metro Train station, Metro Lukyanovskaya,
Owner: Дима, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07916

250 UAH./day

Str. Smelyanskaya 2
Rooms - 1

1 komn.kv.ot 200 UAH. Center, overlooking the Khreschatyk City. WI-FI.

Center, opposite the House of Commerce, overlooking the Khreschatyk City. The Internet. Overhaul for Euro. Perfect cleanliness and order.
Documents business trip (receipts, checks, contracts)
Owner: Svetlana, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-10002

400 UAH./day

Rooms - 1

Rent Apartments in Kiev

One bedroom apartment with renovated. Near the metro KPI.V room is a double bed, TV, internet.
The modern kitchen is equipped with necessary appliances. The bathroom has a large corner bath, boiler (always hot water), washing machine. Nearby parking and transport.
Owner: Валера, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07088

480 UAH./day

st. Michael's 24
Rooms - 1

1 Rent one-bedroom apartment in the center of Kiev

1 bedroom apartment: all necessary furniture, corner sofa + two sofa beds, separate bathroom. Located near the St. Sophia Cathedral and St. Andrew's descent in the city center, on the 3rd floor in a building with an elevator. Prior to the main street Khreshchatyk 2 minutes walk. AT the apartment has air conditioning, vysokoskorostonoy internet, washing machine, plasma TV, iron.
Apartment ukomlektovana everything necessary for living: kitchen utensils, towels and bedding. Booking Fee. Maid...
Owner: Надежда, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07946

160 UAH./day

Moscow street, 1
Rooms - 1

apartment for hours, night, day

1k apartment with a beautiful renovation, lights on the wall create comfort and convenience, all the necessary equipped, 2-bed and divan.Chistoe bed + bath sets prinadlezhnosteyyuVoda kruglosutochno.Zimoy-warm, summer-prohladno.Bez agency .Zvonit anytime
Owner: Людмила, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-09833

350 UAH./day

Koroleva 5
Rooms - 1

1 room new apartment (Bam) for daily rent

1 room smart apartment - in a new home (for one person) for 1-2 persons, 25 years old. For non-smokers. Nearby shops, round-the-clock supermarket "Silpo", public transport stop (bus number 3 from the railway station, number 7 from the bus station, trolley bus №9), paid car parking near supermarket TORBA ", park area 500 m. Apartment with new modern renovation, new furniture and home appliances, Wi-Fi, cable TV, 2 double beds. In the kitchen there is a microwave, an electric kettle, a...
Owner: Марія, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-10646

459 UAH./day

Gogol, 12
Rooms - 1

The apartment in Sevastopol

Rent 1k. apartment in Sevastopol. Apartment for rent for short and long term. 2/5 - storey building. The apartment is located on the street. Gogol, 12, in the city center and is designed for 3 - persons. The apartment design renovation, high-quality heating, function & laquo; floor heating & raquo ;, air conditioning, washing machine. There are counters for gas and water. Gazebo, all the necessary furniture, cable TV, Internet. Kitchen: gas, fridge, m / in the oven. Bathroom: shower,...
Owner: ostkrim-k, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-09614

200 UAH./day

Kravchenko 3
Rooms - 1

apartment in the center

5-bedroom apartment in five minutes. from the pump room. Located in the center of Truskavets. Repair 2013. The apartment has duhspalnaya bed, couch, TV. The kitchen has a kitchen, utensils, stove, microwave, elktrochaynik. The bathroom has a shower, washing machine, floor heating (in the winter). Heating individual.
Owner: Ирина, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-08350

250 UAH./day

street Academician Linnik, 15
Rooms - 1

Rent rent from owners

Rent 1-room apartment for rent without intermediaries in good condition. Chistaya, uyutnaya, there boiler,
microwave, refrigerator, dvuhspalnaya bed, draws, Chistaya bed linen, towels, fan, iron, as well as
WiFi- internet, kab.televydenye, DVD and much more. Komandyrovochnыm documents.
Owner: Татьяна, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-10263

790 UAH./day

Malaya Zhitomirskaya
Rooms - 2

One bedroom apartment in eco-style with bamboo and stone

- Double canopy bed in the bedroom,
- Fold-out sofa bed in the living room,
- Home theater, DVD, cable TV with satellite channels, karaoke,
- Air conditioning (living room)
- Phone,
- Free unlimited high speed internet Wi-Fi
- In the apartment specified in the special dining area nahoyaschayas in the living room,
- Small kitchen (fridge, stove, microwave oven, washing machine)
- Bathroom has a modern shower.
The total area of ​​45 sq.m. Maximum number of living - 2-4 persons (2 + 2).
Owner: елена, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-09140

250 UAH./day

Rooms - 1

Apartment in new building for rent, hourly

For rent !!! 1-bedroom apartment-I. Modern newly renovated. Is Downtown.Within Park, supermarkets, night drugstore, cafe and shop, parking near the house, post office, market, bus Kiev-Chernigov, everything is very convenient !!! The apartment has a large double bed, large bathroom with WC, TV, stove, refrigerator, microwave, kitchen, bed and bath prinadlezhnosti.Konfidentsialnost garantirovana and purity. You'll stay satisfied with their stay with us. Welcome!
Owner: Арина, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-09831

400 UAH./day

Rooms - 1

Apartment near the left bank m.

Apartment is fully equipped and hourly, internet, clean linen, bath accessories
m near the left bank, (3 stops on the subway to Downtown) near the beach, parking, IEC (2 min. walk), supermarket, entertainment options.
Working with intermediaries,
Owner: Valentina, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-07680

3000 UAH./day

Rooms - 3

The apartment on New Year Ternopil

An apartment in Ternopol in the New Year. Details by phone
Owner: Galina, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-10204

300 UAH./day

Avenue General Daniel
Rooms - 2

Apartment with Jacuzzi

You want to experience what a real luxury for a reasonable price?
This is possible if you remove the luxury apartment & ndash; class apartments & laquo; Suite & raquo ;. Here, everything is thought out in a way to anticipate every wish.
- Comfortable furniture, a wide bed comfortable mattress, soft chairs have to rest.
- Before going to bed so nice to take a bath jacuzzi backlit provide pleasure.
- Climatic equipment will create the optimal atmosphere of warmth or coolness,...
Owner: Татьяна, Category: Rent apartments
Adverts code 03-09876
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