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400 UAH./day

Razdolnensky highway, 4
Country House

Rent a big house in Evpatoria (Razdolnensky Highway 4)

Rent a big house in the gears to Evpatoria (Razdolnensky highway, 4) .5 km. The city center and to the sea, near bus stop. On the bus - 15 minutes. to the sea - sandy beaches.
In the house: all euro windows, 1st floor: up to 6 c. seats, air conditioning, 2 rooms: in the 1st room, 2 double sofa, cabinet srvant, table, 2 chairs. in the 2nd room, 2 double Euro-bed, TV, wardrobe, table two chairs. Bathroom - toilet, sink, kitchen, balcony, refrigerator. Water is available (boiler).
2nd floor...
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405 UAH./day

May Day, 2

Marizel Guest House, accommodation for your holiday by the sea in Seva

Guest house "Marizel" is located on the coast of Sevastopol in the monastery of St. George (Cape Fiolent), in the holiday village.
It is a two-storey building gallery type. No. 1-bedroom, two-seater, with the possibility of one additional places. Windows and doors (windows) go to the shared balcony. Each room has two beds that can be placed side by side, in the form of a double bed, two bedside tables, desks, chairs, wardrobe, fridge, TV (satellite), electric kettle, electric...
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1300 UAH./day

Country House

Spring vacation in a cozy cottage in the village Studenok kom.kvartira

Spring vacation in a cozy cottage in the village Studenok
 and 2 in the center of kom.kvartira svyatogorsk.
Cottage 2 storey / 3 separate bedrooms, kitchen gas, hot water, kitchen utensils, byt.tehnika, fireplace.
Sauna for drovah.Bolshaya covered veranda.
The huge lawn, spruce, pine and flower beds.
In the sauna, hot shower in the cold of the soul / geyzer.skvazhina / .Ryadom forest, lake and a little farther to rechka.Stoyanka mashin.Do Laura 10min.na mashine.Mesto barbecue,...
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750 UAH./day

Travel Trade Union

Rent a comfortable holiday home

Rent a holiday home, 4-8 people., Three rooms, air conditioning, wi-fi, art. car garage for cars., a cozy courtyard with barbecue and barbecue.
The beach 15 minutes. hodby.Ryadom market chain of stores, the central promenade.
Home cooking at договоренности.Подробности by phone.
Owner: nina, Category: Other options for the day
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80 UAH./day

Str. Tatar, 13

The house is located in the heart of Old Town.

The house is located in the central part of the Old City.
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250 UAH./day

Red 63

short term rent a turnkey

Rent one for the key in the center of a spacious house with all modern conveniences for 3-5 persons. The house has hot water, shower, toilet, television, refrigerator, air-conditioning. In the courtyard a cozy area for relaxation, grill, place under the car, a 10-minute walk to the sea, LUNAPARK, the market supermarkets. All the details on the phone
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550 UAH./day

pos. Ponizovka Maritime Street

Rent two-storey house in the garden

In a large Yalta (village Ponizovka) deposited a two storey house in the garden with all the amenities, great view of the sea, water heating, air conditioning, washing machine, 3 minutes from the sea. Huge selection of free clean beaches and close to cafes, shops, bus stop, in May 550 UAH day for the entire house, call and book in advance
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Contract price

Coastal area of ​​pension

Guest House for rent in Yalta on 20 people

The house is not far from Yalta Hotel. Coastal district pension.
4 House floor area of ​​600 square meters, is equipped with 12 rooms for a hotel in each room Su, TV, air conditioning, refrigerator.
Car parking for 6 cars.
On the ground floor there is a dining room and billiards, and the second - a spacious balcony with pool and sauna.
The sea can be reached within 7-10 minutes walking distance (great gravel beach)
The house is situated so it is always convenient to get to Yalta...
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250 UAH./day

Zapson, Vul. Лесі Українки, 48

Чудова пропозиція для відпустки on the Transcarpathian

Novy mіnіgotel "Edge of the sky" of plantings on the territory 20 хв пішки to thermal djerel Kosino. The thermal water of the Kosinsky Dzherela is a phantom-healthful effect on organism, napovnemyachi yogo neobhidnimi for normal functinovonvnya rechovinami that microelements. On Великій прилеглій території мініготелю "Edge of the sky" - Altanka and mangal for vidpochinku z homeland that friends. Білі нові номери з вкрапленням акценів стклоюють calm atmosphere. Є bezkoshtova ribolovlja on...
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80 UAH./day

Suvorova, 28

Daily rent of rooms in a private house

Rent a three-room private house after major repairs near the thermal pools (8-10 minutes on foot). The house has all the necessary facilities for recreation. On the territory of the house there is a gazebo and BBQ, free parking, Wi-Fi.
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Суспільство: Єврокомісія затвердила нові захищені позначення походження вин
Європейська комісія (ЄК) затвердила чотири нових захищених позначення походження (ЗПП) для вин з Іспанії та Італії. Про це йдеться в комюніке виконавчої колегії ЄС. Заявки схвалені на включення вин La Jaraba, Vallegarcia, Los Cerrillos і Nizza до реєстру захищених позначень походження.
Суспільство: «Луцьктепло» відремонтує дві котельні
Ремонт здійснюватиме ДКП «Луцьктепло». Містобудівні умови та обмеження для проектування капітального ремонту двох котелень на у провулку Старицького, 6 та на вулиці Тарасова 17б затвердили наказами управління містобудування та архітектури Луцької міськради, – передає інтернет-видання Волинь24.
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